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In seven years deep shafts, whole is with a completely new Angle of view, facing the world's top information integrated service providers and wisdom energy strategic transformation, positive in the face of new challenges and opportunities!And TELLHOW technology strategy integration, stereoscopic fusion of new capital and industry aircraft carrier, in the whole industry chain to create value for customers and future!In the traditional business process outsourcing, operational support services for IT, the TELLHOW BOYUAN with a new image to show their own products and platforms in the world.

七年深耕,博辕厚积薄发,正以全新视角,面向全球顶尖信息与智慧能源综合服务商战略转型,积极面对全新挑战与机遇! 与泰豪科技战略融合,立体打造新型资本与产业融合之航空母舰,在全产业链为客户创造价值与未来! 以传统业务流程外包、IT运维服务为支撑,泰豪博辕以崭新的自有产品及平台形象展现在世人面前。